Our Standard holders are the lowest cost holders, they are made using standard Polypropylene plastic.

They are made using recycled material, the amount of recycled material depends on supply.

With 17 Standard Colours in the range we and the added benefit of any bespoke colour of your choosing, we can guarantee we have the larges range of colours on the planet.


Our Biodegradable Holders are the same as the Standard Range, only they have an additive added when we manufacture them, which breaks down the Plastic in normal day to day use. The Oxo-degradable additive uses sunlight and oxygen which activates the additive and starts to break down the plastic. With in 1-2 years the holders starts to degrade, and after 5-10 years it should have disintegrated completely. It’s very dependant on how you store and use your holder.


Keeping you safe and stopping cross contamination, our Antimicrobial Holders are made in the same way as our Standard holders, with the Biomaster additive in them.

1. Biomaster disrupts the bacteria cell from growing as it binds to the cell wall.
2. The Biomaster ions stop the bacteria cell from producing energy.
3. The cell’s DNA is interrupted by Biomaster’s active silver technology which prevents any replication.

Metal Detectable

Our Metal Detectable also contain the Biomaster additive, making them Antimicrobial too.

Unlike other Detectable holders our contain much more stainless steel filings making them easier to detect right down to the smallest of scrapes.

They are available in Single Sided Landscape and Double Sided Portrait, in all standard Colours.


What are people saying about our products?

“I came across your evohold badge holders and they are the best quality badge holders I have ever seen!”

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Evohold Ltd is a British family owned and operated Manufacturing company based in the North West of the UK.

We make most of our products right here on site in the UK and distribute world wide by our family of resellers.

We do not sell direct to end users.