Our Biodegradable Holders are available in the same range as the Standard.

The Biodegradable ID Card Holders are Oxo-Degradable, which means when we manufacture them we add a special additive into the material so that after it reaches the end of it life, it’s broken down and eventually disintegrates.

The Oxo-degradable additive uses sunlight and oxygen which activates the additive and starts to break down the plastic. With in 1-2 years the holders starts to degrade, and after 5-10 years it should have disintegrated completely. It’s very dependant on how you store and use your holder.

If you want to be even more earth friendly and reduce your carbon footprint even more then take a look at our Compostable holders, these are made using plant extract like corn starch and do not contain any standard plastic.

Our Biodegradable Range