Our Compostable ID Card Holders are a worlds first. They are made using plant extract (PLA-Poly Lactic Acid), which can be derived from corn and even waste materials. They do not contain any oil based, standard plastic.

All of our compostable holders are certified biodegradable in industrial composting according to EN13432*

Our compostable holders are suitable for food contact. They meet the requirements of EU Commission Regulations No.10/2011 and No.1935/2004 on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.

They are 100% compostable within 90 days, and 100% renewable.

Our holders can either be composted or recycled into new products, they do not degrade until they enter the right conditions. If you are interested in other products made with this material that are not ID related visit our sister company Kirkham Manufacturing.

Not only are our holders made in the UK but the material used in making the compostable ones are made in the UK too, and less than 60 miles from our factory in Preston.

Our range of styles and colours are the same as our standard aside of clear, which is not possible currently with the compostable material, but we are working on this.

If you would like to buy these for your company check out our resellers, or if you’d like to stock them contact us.

Don’t forget we only sell to authorised resellers, and they cost much less then you’ll think.